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Predictive Insight Analyst

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Predictive Insight Analyst

Your Role
As a Predictive Insight Analyst, you will be responsible for carrying out complex data mining processes to provide actionable insight from data which will be used to provide artificial intelligence critical to business and financial decisions. You will be responsible for making data selections, validating data accuracy and quality, data segmentation, profiling, and campaign analysis.

Salary Expectation - from £35,000

What You Will Learn

  • Understand relational database structure and objects, e.g. Tables, Indexes, Constraints, Triggers, Views, etc.
  • Learn to query databases and manipulate data using the SQL language
  • Cleanse, Validate, Re-code, and Derive variables using Excel
  • Provide quick and informative data analysis and summary reports using Excel's Pivot Table and Charts
  • Perform Descriptive Univariate, and Multivariate statistical analysis using Excel functions/Add-ins
  • Make complex data selections, cross-tabulate, de-duplicate and perform quick analyze with MS Access
  • Create, Manipulate, Interrogate Datasets, and produce reports using SAS
  • Perform descriptive and inferential statistical analysis using SAS
  • Use advance data mining techniques to create robust predictive models using SPSS Modeler
  • Derive propensity scores and deploy model algorithms for optimal business benefit
  • Perform advance segmentation techniques to large data sets for effective marketing campaigns/customer treatments

Course Modules

1. SQL + Database Fundamentals  3 days £695
2. Excel Data Analysis + PowerPivot Data Modeling  3 days £695
3. SAS Data Analysis + Introduction to Statistics  3 days £795
4. SPSS Data Mining and Predictive Modeling  3 days      £795
5. Customer Insight & Marketing Analytics  2 days  Free
   Total £2,980
   Total (+VAT) £3,576


Each module run for, typically, 3 consecutive days, all day 9am - 5:30pm (Monday - Saturday).
All learning materials such as notebooks, text books and learning software will be provided.

4 months, taking one module a month.

Higher education qualification in most sciences, maths, engineering, computing, accounting, economics, or related subjects.

We offer flexible payment by installments typically over 3 - 6 months depending on course duration and total amount due.