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Data Insight Analyst

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Data Insight Analyst

Your Role
As a Data Insight Analyst, you will be responsible for the correction and validation of inaccurate data; use basic statistical techniques to carry out ad-hoc analysis in order to better understand data, and to discover hidden patterns and trends; develop accurate reports and convey them using compelling graphs and charts. You will also document and perform operational tasks associated with building datasets, data import/export, performing investigations and analysis on data, such and campaign effect analysis.

Salary Expectation - from £30,000

What You Will Learn

  • Understand relational database structure and objects, e.g. Tables, Indexes, Constraints, Triggers, Views, etc.
  • Learn to query databases and manipulate data using the SQL language
  • Cleanse, Validate, Re-code, and Derive variables using Excel
  • Provide quick and informative data analysis and summary reports using Excel's Pivot Table and Charts
  • Perform Descriptive Univariate, and Multivariate statistical analysis using Excel functions/Add-ins
  • Make complex data selections, cross-tabulate, de-duplicate and perform quick analyze with MS Access
  • Create, Manipulate, Interrogate Datasets, and produce reports using SAS
  • Perform descriptive and inferential statistical analysis using SAS

Course Modules

1. SQL + Database Fundamentals 3 days £695
2. Excel Data Analysis + PowerPivot Data Modeling 3 days £695
3. SAS Data Analysis + Introduction to Statistics 3 days £795
4. Customer Insight & Marketing Analytics 2 days     Free
   Total £2,185
  Total (+VAT)  £2,622


Each module run for, typically, 3 consecutive days, all day 9am - 5:30pm (Monday - Saturday).
All learning materials such as notebooks, text books and learning software will be provided.

3 months, taking one module a month.

Higher education qualification in most sciences, maths, engineering, computing, accounting, economics, or related subjects.

We offer flexible payment by installments typically over 3 - 6 months depending on course duration and total amount due.